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My Return?? I Guess

2016-12-20 17:37:38 by Elvereen

Though I doubt no one will care, I feel like I should at least make this known.


I could've sworn it was much longer ago, but I guess three years ago I made a Snake Game and it was pretty bad. I've recently gotten the inspiration and motivation to give another try at game making. I've gained a lot of knowledge over the past couple of years and I feel like if I can give another go at it, I'll be able to, not only gain knowledge through the experience, but also knowledge through more genuine criticisms.

There were critiques on my Snake Game but a lot of them didn't have that much meat, then again, neither did my game. I did read all of the comments on that game though and I appreciate everyone who tried to help me improve.

I do feel bad for ignoring all of those comments, but at the time I was young and immature. I couldn't handle any criticism unless it was positive and uplifting. I've learned better now and I feel I can safely try again. Even if I fail, I'll at least be able to know what I did wrong to make it better.


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2016-12-20 19:36:04

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing some new games :)